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Creston RCF gets an Upgrade

RCF Program

Comfort Welding staff member Matt Staite in the new BCUOMA seacan. We are excited to announce that Comfort Welding—a longstanding Return Collection Facility (RCF) location…

Upgraded facility opens in McBride

RCF Program

Improved used oil recycling facility provides McBride residents with an easy, free and environmentally friendly way to recycle materials We are very excited to share…

Top 30 Collectors for 2019

RCF Program

BCUOMA is proud to announce the 30 Return Collection Facilities from across the province that have been named our ‘Top Collectors’ for 2019. The criteria…

New RCF opens in Abbotsford

RCF Program

The GFL Transfer Station & Recycling Facility located at 34616 Vye Road, Abbotsford, is now accepting used oil, antifreeze, filters and containers. The new infrastructure…