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Registered Processors

A Processor is a government-approved receiver of used oil and/or antifreeze materials that then processes these materials into saleable products. Processing requires that the receiver has demonstrated the capability to manufacture value-added recycled products as we’ve defined in the Interchange Recycling Manual for Processors and Collectors.

How does my company apply to become a Registered Processor?

You can apply by completing the following steps:

  1. Review the Interchange Recycling Manual for Processors and Collectors.
  2. Complete and forward the Interchange Recycling Processor and Collector Registration Form, Letter of Regulatory Compliance and all other required documentation listed on the form to Interchange Recycling.

Only once these steps are completed and properly received, Interchange Recycling will process your application and approve your registration. And when your company is approved, your information will appear on our website under the Registered Processor listing.

On what products is the Environmental Handling Charge applicable?

The current list of EHC Applicable Products and the OEM Categories can be found at the following links: