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About Us

Why Interchange?

After 20 years of service and success, BC Used Oil Management Association is now Interchange Recycling.

Why? Because Interchange Recycling better reflects our business, our members and our future.

What we do

We are a not-for-profit, producer-governed group that upholds the environmental objectives of our members. We collect and recycle the products they make and sell, which are then made available as new products from our members and other vendors. 

Currently, we recycle used motor oil, oil filters, oil containers, antifreeze and antifreeze containers–and we’re always examining new automotive and industrial products to bring into our recycling process.

Why we’re called Interchange.

Our group is always active. Like a major highway interchange, there is a constant flow of materials arriving into the market and coming back into our operations. Likewise we direct the traffic for members, government, collectors & processors, public recycling centres, and of course, the general public. In short, we move forward through balance.

Our story:

Forward through balance

For a century, our industriousness was imbalanced. Together, we believed in progress at any cost. Every engineer and salesperson raced to meet soaring demands. Every household had up to three cars, every business had a fleet and heavy industries required divisions of machines. People needed to move. Things needed to be done. And progress needed to be made.

Then we asked questions of ourselves. Can we be more efficient and sustainable? 

And can we keep moving ahead without leaving the planet and its people behind? 

Interchange answers those questions. We prevent automotive fluids and materials from harming the environment and turn them into something useful. And more importantly, we balance the industry’s financial health and the health of everyone else. Efficiency, effectiveness, and continuous improvement are the keys to our balance, which means bringing on new partners, more materials and refining our process. 

Our scale never rests. Our balance is never still. People need to move and progress must be made but not at the cost of our planet. Because the only acceptable results are better environmental and economic outcomes for everyone.

For the next century, we believe the only path is forward through balance.