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Scroll down for membership registration info and new policies, as well as some FAQs, and a full member listing.

How do I become a Member?

By becoming a Member of Interchange Recycling, all first sellers of lubricating oil and antifreeze materials (lubricating oil, antifreeze, oil filters, and oil and antifreeze containers) will meet the requirements of the Recycling Regulation (formerly known as BC Post-Consumer Residual Stewardship Program Regulation). As a condition of membership, you are required to remit an Environmental Handling Charge (EHC).

If you have any questions about applying for your membership with Interchange Recycling, or the procedure for application, please call: 1-844-722-8662.

If you’d like to become a seller of lubricating oil products in other provinces, please visit for more information.

How does my company apply for membership with Interchange Recycling?

Step One: Review our Stewardship Program Plan.

Step Two: Complete and forward the following documents to us:

A cheque in the amount of $200.00 plus GST made payable to the Association.

We can only process your application and activate your membership upon receipt of all the items above. Once you’ve been activated, your name will then appear on our website in our Member Listing.

Interchange Recycling Membership Package: 

Please read the following documents to learn more about Interchange Recycling: 

How much is the Environmental Handling Charge (EHC)?

All members must pay an EHC, based on sales volumes, as follows:

  • For lubricating oil – $0.06 per litre
  • For lubricating oil containers – $0.15 per litre of container size (HPDE or Metal) & $0.35 per litre (non-HDPE)
  • For filters – $0.55 for a filter less than 203mm (8 inches) in length, and $1.25 for a filter 203mm (8 inches) or more in length
  • For sump type automatic transmission filters – $0.55 per filter
  • For antifreeze – $0.20 per litre for premix and concentrate
  • For antifreeze containers – $0.15 per litre of container size (HPDE or Metal) & $0.35 per litre (non-HDPE)

On what products is the Environmental Handling Charge (EHC) applicable?

The current list of EHC Applicable Products and the OEM Categories can be found on the national website using the following links:

Who remits the EHC when products move between two or more Interchange Recycling members?

When a product moves between two or more Interchange Recycling members, it is not always clear who will be responsible for remitting the EHC. Don’t assume the required EHC is being remitted by another Interchange Recycling member in your supply chain. To ensure the EHC is accounted for and remitted, and to avoid misunderstandings, Interchange Recycling members should document their EHC remittance arrangements in writing.

Key Information for Members:

Member Notices:

June 19, 2023: Changes to the Environmental Handling Charges on Oil Containers and Glycol/Antifreeze Containers

March 2023: Video Series Highlights Our Reach & Results

November 30, 2020: Changes to the Environmental Handling Charges on Lubricating Oil Fluid and Containers as of July 1, 2021