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Accepted Products

All Oil Fluid and Oil Container (for container sizes of 50 litres or less).

The following Oil Products and their Containers are included in the Interchange Recycling program since they are not consumed in use and are available for collection and recycling.

  • circulating oil
  • compressor oil
  • crankcase oil (petroleum or synthetic)
  • electrical insulating oil
  • engine oil
  • gear oil
  • hydraulic fluid
  • marine engine oil for vessels operating domestically
  • mineral heat transfer fluid
  • natural gas compressor oil not consumed in use
  • paper machine oil
  • petroleum crankcase oil
  • polyolester fluids
  • power steering fluid
  • refrigeration system oil
  • re-refined oil
  • synthetic crankcase oil
  • transmission fluid
  • turbine oil
  • vegetable oil for lubrication (not cooking oil)

Containers (up to 50 litres in size) from the following oil products, which are consumed in use, are included in the Interchange Recycling program:

  • 2-cycle engine oil
  • agricultural spray oil
  • anti-seize lubricant
  • chain oil
  • conveyor lube
  • dedusting oil
  • drawing, stamping and shaping oil
  • dripless lube
  • emulsified oil
  • food grade white mineral oil
  • form release oil
  • gasoline / 2-cycle engine oil mixes
  • machine tool and slideway lubricant
  • marine cylinder oil
  • metal working oil
  • natural gas compressor oil consumed in use
  • pneumatic system oil
  • process oil
  • quenching oil
  • rock drill oil
  • rustproof oil
  • saw guide oil
  • silicone lubricant
  • textile oil
  • wiring pulling lubricant (petroleum or vegetable based)

The following Oil Filters are included in the Interchange Recycling program

  • spin-on or element style filter that is used in hydraulic, transmission or internal combustion engine applications including diesel fuel filter
  • coolant filter
  • diesel fuel filter used at retail & commercial pump islands
  • household furnace fuel filter
  • oil / air separator filter
  • plastic / paper element style filter
  • storage tank diesel fuel filter
  • sump type automatic transmission filter

The following Automotive Antifreeze Fluid and their Containers (50 litres or less) are included in the Interchange Recycling program

  • ethylene glycol engine coolant
  • propylene glycol engine coolant


Used Oil Products & Containers:

  • 3-in-1 household oil
  • aerosol propelled lubricant
  • base oil, including re-refined base oil
  • brake fluid
  • cleaning/flushing fluids for motors/equipment
  • cooking oil
  • diesel fuel treatment (Diesel Exhaust Fluid or DEF)
  • ethylene glycol heat transfer fluid
  • export oil sales
  • glycol-based heat transfer fluid
  • grease
  • gun oil
  • heating furnace oil
  • hydraulic jack oil
  • hydraulic oil dye
  • kerosene
  • marine engine oil for vessels operating internationally
  • oil additive
  • oil treatment
  • penetrating oil
  • phosphate ester hydraulic fluid
  • polyglycol synthetic compressor oil
  • propylene glycol heat transfer fluid
  • sewing machine oil
  • silicone heat transfer fluid
  • solvents
  • synthetic aromatic hydrocarbon heat transfer fluid
  • undercoating
  • urethane coating
  • water glycol hydraulic fluid
  • wax
  • windshield washer fluid
  • winter start fluid


  • air filter
  • crankcase ventilation filter
  • gasoline fuel filter
  • household furnace air filter
  • sock-type filter

Antifreeze Products and Containers:

  • aircraft de-icing fluid
  • antifreeze plumbing fluid
  • fuel line de-icing fluid
  • lock de-icing fluid
  • windshield washer fluid

Should any discrepancy arise between the list above and the EHC Applicable Product List found on this page of the Interchange Recycling website, the latter shall prevail.