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Used Oil Recycling Depot opens in Fernie


The Fernie Transfer Station located at 6000 Highway 3 in Fernie announced the opening of a new used oil recycling depot. Through a partnership with the Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK), Interchange Recycling provided Fernie Transfer Station with a new 20-foot sea container, 2,200 litre used oil storage tank and an intermediate bulk container (IBC tank) for antifreeze collection.

“Most British Columbians are recycling their oil without even knowing it,” said David Lawes, CEO, Interchange Recycling. “When you take your vehicle in for a service or an oil change at a registered oil change or mechanic shop, the employees ensure that your oil is being recycled for you. For the do-it-yourself market, we have a network of approximately 300 collection sites around the province which make it safe, convenient and easy to do the right thing and return their used oil and antifreeze materials, making sure they don’t end up in our environment.”

“This new Fernie depot provides a convenient option for the public to safely dispose of oil, antifreeze, filters and accepted containers through the Interchange Recycling program and will ensure these items not only stay out of the landfill, but are properly recycled,” says Regional District of East Kootenay Solid Waste Superintendent Jim Penson. “Having the depot located at the Fernie Transfer Station further adds to the convenience for our residents, who can now access even more recycling services in one location.”

Interchange Recycling would like to acknowledge that the Fernie Transfer Station is located within Qukin ʔamakʔis, the unceded traditional territory of Yaq̓it ʔa·knuqⱡi’it.

For a comprehensive listing of all the public recycling centres across BC visit