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Used Oil Recycling Centre Opens in Kimberley


A new used oil recycling centre featuring a 20 ft modified sea container with a 2,200 litre tank for oil and two 1,000 litre intermediate bulk containers for antifreeze collection, is now open at the Kimberley Transfer Station. Located at 800 Jim Ogilvie Way, the used oil recycling depot provides the residents of Kimberley and surrounding areas with a safe, free and eco-friendly facility to return used oil and antifreeze materials.

“Kootenay residents are active and outdoor enthusiasts, and they care about keeping their environment healthy. We are really pleased to partner with the Regional District of East Kootenay (“RDEK”) on the opening of the new Kimberley used oil recycling facility. This new recycling depot provides the community with an accessible and free of charge destination to recycle their used oil and antifreeze from their cars, boats, recreational and off-road vehicles, watercrafts and snowmobiles,” said David Lawes, CEO, BC Used Oil Management Association. “Our team worked with the RDEK staff to determine the best location and the custom design required for the installation of the infrastructure to ensure it’s convenient and accessible for residents.”

BCUOMA’s infrastructure grant program provides businesses with the infrastructure required to responsibly handle, collect, and store used oil and antifreeze materials using economic, efficient, and environmentally acceptable options. Municipalities, private businesses, nonprofit organizations, and other sectors interested in a BCUOMA infrastructure grant can find out more information at

“Keeping used oil materials out of landfills is good for the environment and it is just good business,” Lawes continued. “They provide valuable material for the manufacturing of new products. Used oil can be recycled by being re-refined into new lubricating oil and used as fuel in pulp mills, cement, and asphalt plants. Used antifreeze can be reprocessed to produce new automotive antifreeze. Oil filters are reused for metal products such as rebar, nails and wire. Plastic oil and antifreeze containers are reprocessed to make things like plant pots, drainage tiles, guardrails, new oil containers and more.”

BCUOMA would like to acknowledge that the used oil recycling depot at the Kimberley Transfer Station is located on the traditional territory of Ktunaxa Nation.

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