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Our Role In BC’s Circular Economy


Institutions across British Columbia are increasingly prioritizing circular economy initiatives, where waste is eliminated, and resources are recycled and reintroduced as new products. Buying re-refined motor oil & recycled antifreeze is an opportunity to be part of the circular solution in this province.

On average, of the total materials collected via BCUOMA’s network of registered collectors, 70% of the used motor oil and 100% of the used antifreeze were re-refined and recycled as new lubricating oils and coolant. There are refineries within BC producing a wide range of re-refined oil and antifreeze products that meet, and often exceed, API, ASTM, OEM, and other engine performance requirements, meaning there is no quality difference when comparing re-refined with virgin products.

By moving away from a reliance on new non-renewable resources, and instead buying re-refined motor oil & antifreeze, we can foster more sustainable supply chains and lower emissions. This is also a great opportunity to contribute to a closed-loop local economy as some processors re-refine locally and sell directly back into the BC market.

Click HERE to learn more about how organizations can make the move to buying re-refined motor oil and recycled antifreeze.