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Helping Our Members and Communities: A Short Video Story


Today we’re excited to share the final video in a series highlighting the reach and impact of our association’s hard work through the voices of industry experts, empowered citizens, and key team members.

This third video focuses on our commitment to supporting the collection and recycling of used motor oil and other program materials from British Columbians through our network of public recycling centres. One of the ways we ensure program materials are collected and stored in a safe and environmentally friendly manner is by providing facilities with the infrastructure they need through our grant program.

Every day, tens of thousands of British Columbians benefit from our Infrastructure Program to keep used oil, oil filters, antifreeze, and their containers out of landfills. And every day, local businesses and communities grow stronger and healthier because of our members’ commitment and support.

We sincerely hope you enjoyed this video series and will share our message with your wider network.

Click HERE to view the entire series of videos.