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BCUOMA’s Role in the Circular Economy: A Short Video Story


A few weeks ago, we shared a video that highlighted BCUOMA’s ongoing collaboration with Indigenous Communities in British Columbia. It was the first in a series of short videos that demonstrates the reach and impact of our association’s hard work through the voices of industry experts, empowered citizens, and key team members.

Our second video focuses on our role in BC’s Circular Economy. Nearly every British Columbian directly benefits from the process and in this video, industry experts, Tim Reeve, Ella Playfair and Jamie Turner detail the symbiotic relationship of used oil in the circular economy.

We know that through close collaboration with our key stakeholders, our Association helps prevent automotive fluids and materials from harming the environment and instead, turns them into something useful. Working together we’re improving the environmental and economic outcomes of everyone. It’s what we call moving forward through balance.

In the coming weeks we will share one final video that further explores the benefits and achievements of the BCUOMA program.