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Why do we need a used oil program?

There was a time when people didn’t think twice about simply throwing away or dumping oil products. Today, we are more aware that irresponsible disposal methods not only harm the environment, but also waste a valuable non-renewable resource.

Each year, about 215 million litres of new oil are sold across western Canada. Most of that oil is not consumed during use and is available to be recycled.

And it’s not just used oil that presents a hazard to the environment if it is improperly discarded. After you pour the oil into your car, boat, lawn mower, tractor or other motors, there is residual oil in the plastic containers that can be recovered. Used oil filters and plastic oil containers can also be recycled into other useful products. Used antifreeze can be recycled into new antifreeze.

Through the Interchange Recycling program, British Columbians can now:

  1. Recover more used oil, filters and containers
  2. Extend the life of a non-renewable natural resource
  3. Provide the recycling industry with oil, plastic and steel
  4. Decrease pollution caused by improper disposal
  5. Reduce the amount of non-biodegradable materials in our landfills