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Global Collaboration Takes Centre Stage at International Day at NORA 2024


Used oil industry leaders from around the world will gather on Wednesday, November 13, 2024 for International Day at NORA 2024 in Coronado, California, United States.

Interchange Recycling CEO David Lawes will be part of an an impressive lineup of speakers and representatives from various international organizations and companies dedicated to advancing used oil management globally.

“We look forward to sharing best practices and learning from other organizations from around the globe to better understand the global business perspectives within the used oil recycling industry.” said Lawes.

Attendees will experience a day of insightful discussions and networking opportunities while sharing best practices among nations. The global conversation will drive innovation and sustainability related to used oil management.

International Day at NORA 2024 is hosted by NORA, An Association of Responsible Recyclers, in collaboration with Interchange Recycling (Canada), ALUPAN (Panama), and APEL/RECOIL (Ecuador). The event will be held immediately preceding the NORA Annual Conference & Trade Show that will feature over 300 attendees and over 40 exhibitors.

“NORA currently represents dozens of international members from six continents. This event will prove to be a significant initiative in our association’s mission to collect and responsibly recycle every drop of used oil no matter where it is generated,” said Scott D. Parker, Executive Director, NORA. “NORA is honored to host International Day and I believe this will lead to greater collaboration in the future among these global used oil leaders.”

“ALUPAN Panama is a non-profit association dedicated to collecting and properly disposing of Used Lubricating Oil (ULO).” said Simon Suarez, ALUPAN (Panama) “International Day at NORA 2024 is particularly important for ALUPAN as a new organization in ULO management, providing valuable insights, resources, and support to navigate growth and success challenges based on the experiences of established organizations and companies.”

International Day at NORA 2024 will feature speakers and representatives of companies from the United States, Canada, Ecuador, Panama, Spain, Portugal, Costa Rica, and more.

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